Lambourn Vintage Machinery Society Show 2017

David M0ICZ invited me to this year’s Lambourn Vintage Machinery Society 2017 show. Part agricultural show, part auto jumble and part vintage vehicle and machinery exhibition, it was a fascinating day out. I was particularly keen to go, as David had been working very hard in restoring his 1941 Austin K2 van so that he could display it.

Austin K2 front view
1941 Austin K2, proud to be on display at Lambourn in May 2017
K2 information board
Austin K2 information board
K2 Offside
Another view of the K2
K2 rear view
K2 Rear view

Another item that will always get my attention at these sort of events is the static engine. Little Lister and Petter engines that pop and burble away happily, pumping water or generating electricity are fascinating. Lambourn had a very good selection this year – here are just some…

Idling engine
Small static engine just idling
red pump
Engine driving a very nice red pump
Lister pump set
A combination Lister engine and pump set

There are always some rarities and oddities at these shows. The rare…

M3 half track
US World war two M3 half track

…and the odd!

raleigh moped
Raleigh moped-shopping-bike-thing