Adding a Pi-DAC Audio Output Hat to the Touch-screen Pi

I mentioned in the last post that I had another treat in store for my lucky little Pi. This comes in the form of an audio ‘hat’ that the SmartiPi Touch is designed to accomodate. Let’s see what it looks like and how to fit it…

A brand new Pi-DAC board for output to an audio amplifier or headphones.


The bare hat and mounting kit.

We will not need the supplied mounting kit, but instead we will use the two small black spacers and screws supplied with the screen case. Place the spacers on the case over the screw holes and push the long black connector in the the corresponding slot and on to the pins on the Pi circuit board.

The hat is in place, plugged in to the Pi and screwed to the back of the case.

In the next post I will go in to applying power to the Pi and screen and show some of the results.

Hello world!

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