Introducing the SmartiPi

Just before last Christmas I took part in a kickstarter campaign to help fund the SmartiPi case, a Lego compatible case for the Raspberry Pi B+. This is what one looks like after it arrives in the post.

Look what turned up in the post!

These are the parts contained in the package – The case, a Lego compatible top-plate, a camera case and a GoPro camera mount. (Oh… and some screws).

The contents of the bag, at large on the G7IVF bench.

The Raspberry Pi slots in to the case without difficulty.

The Pi fits easily in to the case.
Another view of the Pi B+ in its new home…


Four screws close the case, and it is ready for powering up!

Ready to be powered up.
Ready to be powered up.

Make sure you have plenty of extra Lego to hand!

Hi there! Grab a brick and join in!


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