Rose has a broken headlamp

Poor Rose. Years of cycle commuting has taken its toll and her hub-powered headlamp has fallen to pieces.

Disaster strikes! Rose has lost her headlamp.

I have chosen to replace the headlamp with a Schmidt Edelux II LED light from St John’s Street Cycles.

The new lamp has arrived.

I like the simplicity of packaging. It suggests that all the effort has gone in to designing the light, not the box it comes in.

The box contents at first glance.

The new headlamp is unveiled. What else has come with it?

Everything is supplied to complete the replacement.

That’s everything needed to complete the replacement. The extra coiled cable is for running to the rear of the bike to power a tail light. However, Rose has two large Cateye LED lamps powered by batteries that help keep us visible at night.

As you can see, the lamp supplied is the version with the 140cm cable which will need to be cut to length and prepared for fitting to the front fork. More on this in another post…


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