Trying out the Raspberry Pi Touch-screen

Its time to power up the Pi and its touch screen. It is necessary to apply two sources of power, one for the screen and one for the Pi. I bought a suitable cable from SmartiCase at the same time as the case itself.

USB Splitter cable for powering two devices.

Place the two micro-USB plugs carefully in to the sockets – its a bit fiddly – and trail the cable away from the back of the device.

Fitting the micro-USB power leads.
Fitting the micro-USB power leads.

Now to power up!

Oops! The wrong OS.
Oops! The wrong OS.

Oh dear. I forgot to wipe the SD card from the last time I used the Pi, helping to test a friend’s arcade machine build. Now here’s where things get fiddly. It will be necessary to undo the screws on the audio hat in order to allow its extraction before the trap-door can be opened and the Pi flipped out to allow the SD card to be extracted and replaced. Give me a moment to burn a new image on the card…

While I’m preparing a new Raspian image, let’s have a look at Hector having fun checking the case for Lego compatibility…

Hector checking Lego compatibility
Hector with the old Pi2 in its SmartiCase, down from the attic after working as a Dump1090 server.

OK, the SD card is now loaded with Raspbian. Lets see how it looks…

Raspian on the touch screen. It worked first time out of the box.

It works beautifully. I plugged in a USB souncard into the hub that is powering everything and used it to hook up to one of my radio receivers. (Note, the Pi-DAC is for high quality audio output only. There is no line in). Forty metres was quite lively so I installed FLDIGI and tuned to the PSK section of the band…

Decoding PSK31 on forty metres.
Decoding PSK31 on forty metres.

It works beautifully. There is no jerkiness or lag on the waterfall display. I had to tweak the microphone level a bit to prevent it overloading. Finally I tried a screen capture on the Pi.

DD2MON in a conversation or ‘QSO’ with F4HGE on forty metres PSK31.

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